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HNY-202T, newly developed and manufactured by Tianjin Uno Instrument Co., Ltd., is an incubator shaker (shaker) gorgeously presented. The bold red and black color combination is loved by many customers.

The constant temperature oscillator (shaker) is a multi-purpose biochemical device. It is an indispensable laboratory equipment for the precision cultivation and preparation of plants, biology, microorganisms, genetics, viruses, environmental protection, medicine and other scientific research, education and production departments. It is suitable for the shaking culture of various liquid and solid compounds such as biology, biochemistry, cells, strains, etc.

HNY-202T constant temperature culture shaker is widely used in bacterial culture, fermentation, hybridization, biochemical reaction, enzyme and tissue research and other fields. The product has a USB data storage and download system, and the large storage capacity can record and store the data of the experimental process; at the same time, it has a large experimental space; ultraviolet disinfection and lighting functions; large-screen 7-inch touch screen display; forward and reverse operation modes ;Automatic stop when door is opened; diversion waterproof system, easy to clean; temperature, speed out-of-control protection; ambient temperature and detection temperature correction;

The main technical parameters:

Model Specifications


Control method

P.I.D microcomputer processing chip

Convection mode

Forced convection

Oscillation mode


Display style

7 inch touch screen

USB data download processing system


Convolution frequency range (rpm/min)

20~300 forward and reverse

cyclotron frequency accuracy (rpm)


Swing amplitude (mm)


Maximum configuration

250ml*66 or 500ml*45 or 1L*28 or 2L*15 or 3L*8 (per unit)

Standard configuration

Paste Shaker

Pallet size (mm)

928X530 (per unit)

Timing range(h)


Temperature control range (°C)

4--60 (cooling)

Temperature control accuracy (°C)

±0.1 (constant temperature)

Temperature uniformity (°C)


Temperature fluctuation (°C)



The humidity in the box can reach more than 95% at 37℃

Number of trays

1 block (per unit)

Dimension (mm)

1360X857X570 (per unit)

Volume (L)

280 (per unit)

The HNY-202T constant temperature culture oscillator has begun to accept reservations and will be put on the market in batches. Tel: 022-24371788, official website:

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