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Advanced USB data automatic record, download and processing system. It has large storage, and automatic recording & saving in the full test processing. The data could be directly downloaded by USB or automatically downloaded by wireless.

Automatic analyzing, listing table, charting and printing on downloaded dates. It can trace back to the whole process of experiment in order to optimize the reaction conditions and choose the test method to confirm the experiment process.

High quality servo motor. Speed control accurately, noiseless, durable and high efficiency.

Multi-steps rotate speed, temperature and time control systems. Different rotational speed, temperature and time can be set at one time; operation model can be automatically converted during operation.

Slow accelerate and decelerate design. Slowly start and stop, prevent bacteria or cells to shear force is too large and damage.

Advantaged air duct design. Air duct design contributes to high-precision temperature uniformity.

Automatic defrosting function. It makes shakers operating stably in low temperature for a long time.

High-precision speed control. PID feedback control, the motor speed is stable and accurate, the accuracy of ± 1RPM

High-precision temperature control. PID feedback control, the measurement accuracy of 0.1 °C. Audible and visual alarm, when the measured temperature deviation from the set value  ± 3 °C,

Unique drive system. It makes the machine running smoothly, stably, durably and reliably.

Super visual 7 inch color touch screen. Modular classification displays different functions, 7 inch touch screen under large angle to display control parameters.

The display has a real time temperature and speed curve display function. Historical data and real time date at the same diagram display, easy to check.

Memorized and protected operating parameters. Unexpected power outage, the original set-up process can be automatically resumed.

Function of encrypted and locked operating parameters. It can avoid human errors.

Continuously running or timing. Shakers can display the set time and time remaining

Unique slow-start design. Preventing the shake-flask liquid splashing caused by a sudden start, effectively guaranteeing the accuracy of quantitative experiments

A remote WIFI operation as an optional. Mobile phone operation can be realized.

Clock and date can be displayed (touch screen only).





控制方式Control model

P.I.D microprocessor chip

对流方式Convection model

强制对流Forced convection

振荡方式Shake model



Inch touch screen

驱动方式Drive mode

Multidimensional drive

USB数据下载处理系统                    System of USB data download and analysis


控制系统Control system

Multiple Programmable mode(temp,speed,time)

回旋频率范围Cyclotron frequency range(rpm/min)

020-350(To do static culture)

回旋频率精度Cyclotron frequency sensitivity(rpm)


摇板摆振幅度Orbit Diameter(mm)


最大配置Maximum capacity


标准配置Standard capacity


托盘尺寸Size of platform(mm)


定时范围Timing range(h)

0-999.9(Any time,continuous duty)

温控范围Temperature range(℃)

ambient +5°Cto 65°C(No refrigeration)


Temperature regulate sensitivity(℃)


温度均匀度Temperature uniformity(℃)


温度波动度Temperature uniformity(℃)


托盘数量Number of platform


外型尺寸Outside dimensionW*D*H)mm






电源Power supply

AC220±10%   50HZ

净重Net weight(kg)


毛重Gross weight(kg)


附属功能Other functions

Ultra-low speed start, Adjustable start speedOverspeed auto-prtectionWatch dog timerParameters StorageEncryption parametersElectricity incoming recoveryRefrigeration unit overload protectionSound and light alarm when upper and lower overtemperatureAutomatically stop when opening the door (optional)Function of lighting and UV disinfection



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