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Rapid tissue breaking apparatusHX-21G
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Rapid tissue breaking apparatusHX-21G

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One. This product is a multifunctional and fast cell breaking apparatus.

The instrument is specifically designed for users of a practical in animal and plant cells, virus, gram negative bacteria, gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria,cells and fungal spores and other rapid lysis of cells broken instrument, By the microprocessor control, the high-speed rotation of the tube impact, using high density alloy steel ball of tissue cells collide with each other, cutting and grinding, resulting in the peripheral structure of the sample cell damage; Thus releasing nucleic acids, proteins, metabolites, subcellular structure of intracellular active substances, so as to lay a foundation for the extraction and separation of the active substance from subsequent intracellular.

In addition, this product can make the homogenate liquid by crushing and homogenate processing for be the plant tissue, small insects and nuts shell samples.

Two. HX series of cell broken device features: 

1、High throughput of sample processing, single processing time no more than 3 minutes。 

2、Non - contact sample handling, no cross contamination, no foam generated by the collision.

3、Used the brushless motor, low heat, long life, no carbon pollution, free maintenance. 

4、There are two refrigeration ways of compressor and liquid nitrogen, avoiding the degradation of special tissues cells due to high temperature.(The compressor refrigeration needs to be reduced from 4 to 25 for 8min)

5、Preset multiple modes, easy to operate. Continuous operation and intermittent operation can be switched optionally.

6、Open cover protection, emergency brake.

7、A variety of optional grinding ball(Or zirconia ball),Different type of sample.


three、HX series cell breakage parameters:



Control mode

P.I.D  Microcomputer chip

Display mode

LCD screen

Drive mode

Brushless motor  24VDC

Input mode


Beat frequency (/min)


Environment of use (°C)


Refrigeration mode

Dry ice, liquid nitrogen

Amount of treatment


Timing (min)


Clearance (min)




Power (W)


Power Supply

AC220 ± 10% 50~60Hz

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