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Tianjin Honour Instrument Co, Ltd
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Magnetic stirrer

Four constant temperature water bath mixer EMS-20

Six constant temperature water bath mixerEMS-30

a thin mixerEMS-1

New four single control magnetic mixerEMS-4A

New four head of magnetic force mixerEMS-4B

Super capacity agitatorEMS-10

Remote digital mixerEMS-12

Miniature agitatorEMS-13

Thermostat heating stirrer

Single row four heating agitator

Double row four head heating agitator

Double row six head heating agitator

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Hotline: 022-58956470
Tel: 022-58956470
Service Department:
Tel: 022-58956470
Sales Department:
Tel: 022-58956470
No. 45, nine East Road, Tianjin Airport Economic Zone