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Tianjin Honour Instrument Co, Ltd
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Professional Advantage

Honour has focused on development of smart shaker manufacturing for 13 years,specializing in the production and quality assurance.Based on 13 years experiences.Honour can manufacture tailor made products to satisfy different customer needs.

Quality Assurance

Honour ashere to the high quality manufacturing and strictly controls product quality based on all aspects of Quality Management System.   In addition,strict inspection process contributes to high  products quality and customer satisfaction

Price advantage

We have R&P experience for decades.According to continuous optimization of  manufacturing process and pragmatic attitude,Honour has built its own production advantage.

Fast order placing and quick delivery

Complete production line contributes to quick delivery.

After sale Service

Consummate after service, we will solve the problems in hours,if you have any questions.
Our service purpose is that anxious customer need and want to customer need.









Tsinghua medical floor using Honour temperature shaker 200B
2015-05-15 00:10
Tsinghua medical floor using Honour temperature shaker 200B

                                                       Tianjin Honour Instrument Co, Ltd is a high-tech

                                                       company that specializing in laboratory equipment

                                                       R & D, production and sales .
                                                       The company has excellent R & D team, completed

                                                       management& sales team, and the sales network

                                                       covering the domestic market.
                                                       Our products including: Smart incubator shaker;

                                                       blender; bath, oil bath; temperature and humidity

                                                       recorder; low temperature equipment that applied to various areas,such as Life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, agriculture, forestry, food, chemical and testing equipment.。      Know more >

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